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Latest Reviews

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Wow Fanny, what a saucy little minx you are; and you know it. Thanks hun for an incredible hour of sexy fun and frolics, you totally wore me out babe.

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Had a fun time with this playful flirtatious young lady intelligent with a wicked mischievous sense of humour, totally delightful. Very steamy once you get to know her xx

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Tulisa is an adorable young lady bright and cheerful with a great smile. She is a real pleasure to be with and so sexy with it xxx

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Blew my mind when I first saw her, really was dressed to kill. It did not stop there as she has a spectacular wardrobe. She really knows how to look her sexy best. Lucy was also very open minded when it came to entertaining me. Wink wink. Thanks babe xx

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I love young slender playful blondes and Bianca was a very naughty girl with lots of energy.

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I very much enjoyed my appointment with this sweet young lady. Nothing was too much trouble for Georgina.

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Had an hour with Nikki, shame I did not have more time to spare as she was one of the most impressive escorts I have been with. Very attentive, took care of every need. What a body you have babe

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This delectable young lady is one of the most fun loving playful girls I have encountered. Every minute I spent with her was sheer bliss. What a seductive temptress you are Holly. It was brilliant to meet you.

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Gracie is an amazing young lady, such an easy going sweet girl and of course I must mention that amazing gym toned body she has. Blondes don’t come much hotter than you Gracie darling

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My dinner date with Katie was unbelievable. It is always nice to be seen out with such a sexy girl. She was subtly flirty all through dinner with open body language and eye contact throughout. The perfect girl friend experience and back in the hotel later. Let’s say was very appreciative in the naughtiest possible way. Let’s just leave it at that.

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Bree is certainly a lady I could get used to as she is very addictive. I was in love with her as soon as I set eyes on her ( or was it Lust? ) And the feeling just got stronger throughout the encounter. One of the most satisfying girlfriend experiences I have ever had

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Elena was the real deal, easy to talk to. Pretty with a fantastic body. Knows what she is doing and there was never a dull moment. Terrific thanks Elena

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She was bubbly and chatty, great to talk to. Such a vibrant girl with bags of energy and vitality. Great body, fantastic personality , so much fun. Thanks for a great time.

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Courtney – what a babe you are. Your long legs are amazing – so is everything else about you.

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Thrilling experience, she has an amazing body and knows exactly how to use it to give as much sinful pleasure as possible – terrific experience, hope to see you again – very soon babe

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Was totally smitten by Sharon – If I ever need a dinner date in Manchester, there is seriously no other choice as far as I am concerned. She was dressed to thrill and was an exciting young lady to be with.

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Clive xx

Eliie is a lovely lady who set a great impression form the start and was only to eager to please. There is plenty to explore when it comes to this leggy curvy goddess. She is also good to talk to and is a good listener

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Natasha is a delightful lady, bubbly chatty and great company. She is also talented and skilful and knew instinctively what I wanted

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Dexi, thanks for an incredible time – will think about it for a long time to come – truly amazing babe.

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Jez xx

Amber is an engaging young lady, very bright and intelligent and well as a perfect playmate – really knows how to give both physical and mental stimulation. Top of my list of girls worthy of a longer appointment

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Truly lovely down to earth young lady with amazing looks. So easy to get along with and a splendid attentive girl friend experience in every way. Can’t fault this stunning girl in any way.

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Mia is such a sassy mischievous young lady, flirtatious and seductive – it will be hard to find anyone as sensual and sensuous – Quite a handful in the right possible way & what a body

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Great lass in every respect. A totally stunning leggy busty blonde who took my breath away. Some glamour model types just do not live up to expectations. But not Hannah she is charming charismatic and electrifying between the sheets

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Kirsty was a magic date for me and had absolutely everything. Beauty sex appeal, and glamour. She is also a very gracious young lady and such relaxing company. Next time I really will need to make the time for a longer appointment and she is such a fascinating and interesting girl with a vivacious effervescent personality. Lovely young lady.

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Amber is an engaging young lady, very bright and intelligent and well as a perfect playmate – really knows how to give both physical and mental stimulation. Top of my list of girls worthy of a longer appointment

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For me personally Stacey is that perfect age where she still has her youthfulness and high energy levels , but with the bed room skills of and experienced girl. That was certainly the case with Stacey, what a gorgeous body and she took me to paradise and back in a thrilling encounter. A whole night with her would be absolute bliss as she is also chatty and interesting to talk to.

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Had an incall with this gorgeous lady, she opened the door in the skimpiest of outfits leaving very little to the imagination by the end of the hour she put on another 2, wow what a little sex pot – loved the role play, she turned me on big time. Neena is so playful and knows exactly what she is doing. Neena you were so much fun – thanks babe xx

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Chloe is such a babe petite and busty with a fantastic body which was a delight to explore. She was chatty at first, but after a very short time talking was not high on the agenda as she is one of the most energetic and naughtiest girls I have ever been with. That is quite an accolade coming from me.

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One of the most pleasurable hours I have spent in anyone’s company, really relaxed and chilled to start off with, she is flirty and passionate gently building up to an explosive ending to our hour long liaison. Very well paced session, Melanie is a very talented young escort and knows has to both please and satisfy.

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This young lady is almost too good to be true. Chrissi is warm friendly and radiant, knows how to relax you. Great at small talk, everything you would want from a girlfriend. Fantastic physique and very energetic with it – Left me exhausted lol

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As I go for the Latina type I was drawn to Victoria like a magnet. I am maybe biased in this review as she is my type and a fantasy date for me and lived up to all expectations – Believe me I had high expectations. She is sociable, friendly, passionate and every bit as hot blooded as I had hope for.

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Though I am sure she is a wonderful social companion as well. To me for the hour we spent together Kylie was an extremely naughty, but stunning blonde with a body made for sin – totally amazing

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What an energetic young beauty Scartlett is, she told me that she regularly works out and I don’t doubt it for a moment. She has so much youthful vitality and stamina and unlike me , never seemed to run out of steam. What an amazing session – A Big Thank You Scarlett Till next time

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Being in a mood for fun I chose a girl that I hoped would be playful and naughty. They say blondes have more fun and Emma certainly lives up to that reputation. A very energetic and thrilling hours was had with this little sex pot – OMG sensational

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I was mesmerised when I opened the door to this beauty and the magic never wore off as I was enchanted by her stunning looks from start to finish. Black hair sultry Latin looks, I was smitten from the start. This passionate lady has some fantastic physical attributes – and Boy!! Does she know how the use them to give pleasure. Naughty memories for a long time. Cheers – hope we meet again

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This delectable young temptress had me entranced from start to finish. Very talented with a great imagination. Definitely on my see again list

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I was almost speechless when I met this glamorous busty blonde. That did long as she is so easy the talk to. Charming young lady. I could have happily forgotten about the time whilst with her. The girl friend experience seemed to come so naturally to Gabriela. Would love to have longer next time – maybe dinner date. Cracking lass

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Great escorting experience with this hot young brunette. She has a radiant warm nature and is easy to chat to. She really went to great lengths to make me feel special. She believes in the personal touch and has a wonderful bedside manner. Worth an hour of anyone's time