09 July 2018

The Good, The Bag & The Client

Everybody knows that a woman's bag is important to her and the contents of her bag are deeply private, no one, man or woman should peek inside another woman's bag, that's just a no-no pretty much universally with all women.

For escorts, the contents of her bag are just as if not more important since an escort will carry with her all the things she needs and all the essentials she needs to ensure a booking goes as smoothly as possible. 

Today we thought we could go through a short-list of some of these private contents that escorts may carry with them to ensure a smooth booking. So without further ado let's get into some of the essentials escorts carry.

Keep in mind that if you are an aspiring escort you may want to take notes and if you're already an active escort you're probably carrying all these things with you already. For the clients who happen to read this, this is the closest you are going to get to peak into that beautiful woman's bag. So, let's get into it starting with:

Phone & Charger

A phone is essential to all of us but even more to someone like an elite escort who needs to stay in contact with clients, agencies and anyone else she may need while working. This is why as an escort it's essential you have a phone and carry a charger with you to avoid you getting stranded anywhere or having to rely on a clients phone to make personal phone calls to numbers you may not feel comfortable sharing.

A charger is essential to carry as you can charge it on your bookings in a hotel room or in you're clients home if you ask nicely. Always make sure you have a charger and a phone so at least this way if you're stranded you can use public plugs etc. 


Although you may fall into the category of escorts who for whatever personal reasons choose to hide their true identities, it's still essential for you to carry around some legitimate form of identification. 

This is so if you are asked for I.D at a bar or a hotel this won't interrupt the flow of your booking. Hotels may ask for identification on arrival, just make sure you keep your I.D safely hidden at all times if you don't want your client to know that much about you.

Cash Money

Cash money is another essential as again, the last thing you want is to be relying on clients to get you to and from places. Having petty cash on you will ensure you can pay for taxi's and public transport and for things throughout the day such as food or emergency trips to stores for various cosmetics, keeping petty cash on you is always a safer thing to do. 

So there we have it, just a short list of essentials you may want to carry with you on a booking to ensure the booking goes as smoothly as possible for both you and your client. 
Happy escorting!