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What is an Asian escort

The popular conception of an Asian escort is someone from the Indian subcontinent countries such as India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. However, although all the ladies from these countries can be classed as Asian escorts and all the Oriental counties should be included in this classification. Countries such as Thailand and Malaysia. So really Asian escorts include an escort from that continent, there really are too many to mention. All, of course, have different characteristics and cultural backgrounds.

Asian escorts born in the Indian Sub Continent

Because of their tradition, Pakistani and Bangladeshi Asian escorts are not very common as it goes against the cultural and religious beliefs held in these countries. Many of the Asian escorts in Britain are ones that have been born and are brought up in the United Kingdom, but it is still highly frowned upon within their communities. Therefore proportionally there are less Asian escorts from this part of the world making them highly sought after. Gentlemen are often curious about women from different cultures. The other women from this subcontinent hold a similar lure.

Asian escorts from the Orient

Asian escort's from the Orient are generally thought of as being Japanese and Chinese though those from Indonesia to China such as Thai and Vietnamese escorts would qualify for this categorisation. The highest concentration of doll-like beauties are located in London, though you do get some in the other major British cities, such as Manchester. Of course in Japan, the geishas are a fantastic help and are known for the great talent's they possess. Japanese Asian escorts are thought highly of in England as being gentle doll-like girls who are highly respectful, being polite and courteous having a variety of skills. Chinese Asian escorts are a little more widespread as many of the larger cities has Chinese communities, these ladies are also regarded as being doll-like girls. Men who go for the petite youthful look often are drawn towards the Japanese, Chinese and Thai Asian escorts, and all of these girls are available for outcall and incall services throughout Manchester.