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Dont Worry, Free Happy

Posted Date: 23/07/2018, Posted by Admin

Every now and then we could all use a little pick me up regardless of how much we love our jobs or lives and escorts are no exception. We know you love what you do but isn’t it nice to have someone else remind us how awesome we are and how awesome our lives are every now and then so we thought we could do that for you by going through a short-list of fun little perks that come along with being an escort.

So if you’re already an escort let us help remind you and if you’re simply contemplating a profession in the companionship industry then you may want to take notes of some of the incredible perks that come along with this profession.

So without further ado, let’s get into it, in no particular order, starting with:

It’s All About The Cha-Ching Cha-Ching

Money is a great perk of escorting as the opportunity to make a lot of money is available. If you look at the average booking prices for escorts, they start at around £100 an hour.

Here at Boss Agency, our stunning ladies start from a low price of £120 an hour which is a steal for the women we have available and when you compare that with the general average minimum wage which is around £7 an hour you can see how escorts can make considerably more money.

Regular Pay

Unlike other jobs which have a fixed pay-day at the end of the month and only the end of the month, regular paydays in the companionship industry are common since escorts get paid before every booking. This means if a client has around 15 bookings a month it’s almost like having 15 paydays a month and who seriously wouldn’t want that!

Fancy Attire

Escorts are also used to wearing designer clothes and dressing up regularly. Many women wish they could wear fancy lingerie more often but feel like there’s no need or nobody to appreciate it. With escorts, it’s almost a job requirement to stay looking stunning and make sure you have the sexiest lingerie to impress your clients with.

As well as the clothes, escorts also spend time in fancy hotels and have to doll themselves up regularly. Wearing new clothes often and being dolled up often can be a great boost to confidence and have you feeling like a million pound every day.

Presents For Your Presence

Another common perk of escorting is the presents. Often clients gift their escorts with presents on top of the initial donation for the booking. These gifts can range from chocolates, perfumes and flowers to expensive jewellery, clothes, shoes and even abroad trips.

Clients love to impress their escorts as much as escorts love to impress their clients and gifting gifts is one of the ways many clients express their love and appreciation for their favourite escorts.

Thank you for reading this. We hope you found this blog entertaining and informative, happy booking!