27 September 2018

5 Donts When Meeting a Client

In our last post we went over a few DO’s for when meeting a client, in order to prepare you a little more for further bookings to give you much more enjoyable experiences once you have the confidence to handle whatever kind of situation you find yourself in. In order to give you more support and guidance through the world of escorting, we’ve come back with a list of 5 DON’T’s, this time!

So without further ado, let’s get straight into the 5 DON’Ts to be aware of when providing companionship for a client, to secure bookings and to refrain from any unhappy clients:


The worst thing for your client to witness, is you standing with your hand on your hip, tapping your feet, a hand reached out, sass face on, demanding your money! Although your client is more than aware that this is a service, because of your part providing them pleasure and escapism, it’s important that you keep this up throughout. Don’t probe the question of payment and wait for your client to let the fact that you’re there in person sink in before it gets to the transaction. Of course, if you feel like time is going on too long and you want to get the financial bit out of the way, you’re welcome to ponder about this, however, you should remain tactful so you don’t come across as brash or just rushing to get the experience over and done with. As well as this, it’s important that you’re patient with your client in other ways. He may be a quiet and shy type, so be patient allowing him to come out of his shell; if you force him out he will not have a pleasurable experience.


To keep yourself safe, always remember to keep a clear head when providing companionship for a client. Avoid taking drugs with clients even if you feel as though there is a strong rapport there, as you may not know their intentions and the drugs could be laced with anything that could put you in harm's way. It’s way too risky just for a temporary buzz and can make you lost control and maybe even engage in activities that you would’ve previously declined with a sober mind, this is also the same for alcohol. Know your limits in order for you to be in control and vigilant to your surroundings.


A bit of sass is brilliant, show your client who’s in control and just how confident you are, however a bit too much of this can just rub people up the wrong way and leave a bad taste in your client’s mouth. It’s important that to represent yourself properly as well as a professional agency, you keep your manners about you. Your client will know just how confident you are because of your beauty and elegance, however showing too much of this can just show you to have a massive ego which isn’t to everyone’s liking. Giving your client a bad attitude for no reason can make them dislike you instantly and hesitate to book you again in the future.


Like we said in the DO’s, it’s important to be vigilant at all times. Don’t be reckless and carry around all your jewels with you, absolutely all of your money, and be flashing around your brand new iPad etc. This makes for an easy target, and you’re never fully aware of what someone is capable of. Keeping your essentials close to you when with a client is important to keep your things from being misplaced, stolen, or important information from falling into the wrong hands such as a personal address for example, or secondary workplace address. Also if you need to make a phone call make sure your phone is within your reach for further safety measures.


Some clients when you first meet them may offer you a drink during the icebreaker period in order to get to know you a little better, and for the two of you to relax a bit further before proceeding with any intimacy. Of course, you can either accept or decline a drink depending on how you’re feeling, however always be cautious to keep an eye on your drink. Make sure a brand new bottle is opened in front of you to avoid the risk of your drink being spiked and that any drink that is poured, you’ve witnessed it and are sure that nothing has gone into it to make you lose control and lose track of your surroundings.

We hope these DON’T’s helped you a little more if our DO’s list wasn’t enough! Always be safe, have fun, and thanks for reading!