15 August 2017

How to Become a Boss Agency Escort

As you may have seen by now, our Manchester escort agency has managed to recruit a truly phenomenal variety of ladies from all around the North-West, to ensure that we're able to provide our clients with a range of companions that's not only unmatched in the local area in terms of beauty, but also in terms of the discreet, reliable and sensual service which they offer.

If you're here interested in becoming one of our latest ladies here at Boss Agency, make sure to read on to find out exactly what we look for when recruiting the most enticing escorts Manchester have available. Becoming one of our North-West escorts isn't the easiest task due to our rigorous standards, however, the process sure is simple. All you have to do is fill out this recruitment form and before you know it one of our representatives will contact you to let you know what to expect throughout the recruitment process.

What do we Expect when Recruiting Escorts in Greater Manchester?

When enlisting our ladies we look for a few things to make sure that our clients are happy. It's imperative to our escort agency that we're able to maintain our excellent reputation for being one of the most popular escort agencies in Manchester. When recruiting Manchester escorts we look for these traits:

Sex Appeal:

We all know that looks aren't everything, but in this industry they can be the difference between receiving bookings and not. We're looking for ladies who ooze with sex appeal, who are truly beautiful and able to entice any client. We want to recruit the sexiest escorts Manchester can provide and thus far, we've done a great job. Whilst you don't necessarily have to be "supermodel material" to join our agency, we do look for a high-standard of appearance in terms of both natural beauty, the way in which you groom yourself, and the standard of decorum which you keep.


Finding girls who are confident and able to portray their best selves in any situation is much harder than it seems, but this is exactly the type of girl who we're looking for at Boss Agency. We want a lady who can take the reigns and show any client a great evening regardless of how nervous the client may be. Confidence is something that can definitely be worked on, but if you're joining our agency we expect that you already have a high level of confidence.

A Welcoming Personality:

We expect that you'll be able to communicate effectively with any client and make them feel welcome in your company, regardless of age, sex, nationality or "status." At Boss Agency we receive every type of client from 21 year old students to 50 year old business moguls and high-profile clients. You must be able to adapt and show your client that they are safe to have a great time in your company!


Whilst we don't expect you to have years of experience in the escort industry, we do hope that you'll at least be familiar with the workings of the industry and what may be expected of you as an escort in Manchester. The range of dating opportunities you'll have is huge and you could be doing anything from dining in an Italian restaurant, to accompanying our clients to large business functions. Before applying to join our agency I'd definitely recommend taking some time to learn more about our agency by reading our blogs page!


Whilst skill comes with experience, they're both quite different. We aim to recruit female escorts who have lots of skill both in and out of the bedroom. We want our ladies to not just be skilled at the services they provide, but also skilled in being somebodies companion which believe it or not truly is a skill. Being able to keep a client happy for hours on end can be quite a difficult challenge, especially if you don't enjoy their company so much. This is why it's so important for us to book Manchester escorts who know what to expect and are able to provide a level of skill unparalelled in the area.

Aware of UK Law:

It's important that you brush up on the UK law surrounding self-employment and employment in the escort industry. Two of the major factors include being eligable to work in the UK (see below) and being responsible for your own taxes as you will be "self-employed." Our agency is simply an introductory service and a platform for ladies in Manchester to advertise their companionship. We take no responsibility for anything that happens between two consenting adults which is why it is so important that you, as an escort, are fully aware of the laws surrounding this industry.

Eligible to work in UK:

At Boss Agency we do not discriminate against recruiting ladies of any Nationality, with this being said, it's important that our agency is run in a professional manner and part of this means that you must be eligible to work in the UK. If you are not, please make sure that you are before you apply to work at our agency or your application will not be accepted.


We look for ladies that are responsible both in their working hours and free time. This is because we want our clients to be able to trust our agency in the companions we provide and we also want the best for our ladies. We have quite a close-knit team of girls in Manchester and whilst recruiting the perfect escorts for our clients is important, so is recruiting the correct lady for our team of companions.


It's also important that we receive applications from ladies who are adventurous in every aspect of their life. Our clients love meeting people who have travelled, experienced a lot or are willing to go on all sorts of dates with them. You will be meeting clients from all sorta of backgrounds, but everyone loves somebody who has had lots of experiences and has something interesting to say. People who have lived an adventurous life tend to be more interesting to talk to and also tend to be more fun to spend time with due to their naturally open-minded persona.

Do you Hit the Criteria as the Perfect Manchester Escort

If you have read the above qualities and think that you hit the criteria, feel free to call us and ask any questions you may need to ask before you go ahead and apply. To apply to our agency simply visit the recruitment page and from there the process should be straightforward. Once you have completed the recruitment form all that is left for you is to wait until we contact you; we aim to contact you as soon as possible so please be patient! 

From everybody here at Boss Agency, we hope that you are successful in your application to join our team!