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New Website & New Categories

Posted Date: 26/05/2016, Posted by Admin

Recently here at Boss Agency, we launched our new site its the one which you see in front of you. Now we did this for a number of reasons which I want to tell you within this post. I would also like to tell you about the some of the new categories we are going to be adding over the next couple off weeks.

New Manchester Escorts Agency Website Layout!

So to start this off let’s talk about the website and the reasons that we have changed the design and layout of it. The main point was even though the last site looked good it was not the best for people trying to use the site which is why this new site is a lot better. Thanks to its minimalistic design and layout user are able to use it more efficiently which has been one of the major improvements we wanted to make.

We also wanted a design that fit better with us as a company and a brand which adult creative have once again done an amazing job when they were building the site. When we looking for the new layout for the site we looked at a number of sites and took inspiration from a number off them so we could come up with this design which all of us here at Boss Agency are happy with.

New Categories! New Escorts in Manchester!

Now for the categories we are going to be adding I am happy to announce this as it allows you to find the perfect girl for you. First off we are going to be adding a busty and a-level category for those of you who are looking for certain services are physical attributes. We are also going to be adding a GFE page to the site for all of you that are looking to book the best girlfriend experience in Manchester.

To find out when we upload these new categories make sure to follow us on Twitter.