15 August 2017

Our Top 2 Booties at Boss Agency

Here at Boss Agency we always look forward to ensuring you as our clients have the best experience when booking with us. This being said we always look for new ways to help our clients find what they're looking for on our site.

Here we have something many men and many women will love forever, the rear end of these gorgeous escorts, and here we get to showcase our top 2 rates booties.


Courtney from Boss Agency Courtney from Boss AgencyCourtney from Boss Agency

Courtney is a real gem, and can catch your eye for many reasons and her booty is not the only reason you will want to book her, as she has an array of good qualities that can ensure you have the best experience while with her.

She can be suitable for many occasions, and will never leave without making sure you have a smile on your face. If you would like more information about Courtney then make sure you follow the link to find her profile.


Stacey from Boss AgencyStacey from Boss AgencyStacey from Boss Agency

Stacey has been with us for many years and can certainly become an escort of your dreams, this is due to an array of services that she can provide, but also down to the range of assets that this escort has. From a slim and slender figure to a peachy bum, Stacey has what it takes to ensure you have an amazing evening.

Make sure you follow the link to find our more about Stacey and why she can become the best companion to book, not just because of her gorgeous booty.