14 August 2017

Our Top 3 Escorts at Boss Agency

Here at Boss Agency we have worked hard to ensure we provide the very best for our clients, and for those of you who have been with us for a while we have come up with our top 3 escorts from Boss Agency.

This Top 3 will help not only the experienced clients but also those who are booking for the first time. We will go through why these girls have made it to the top and what they have to offer when it comes to sharing a magical experience with you.


Ariel from Boss AgencyAriel from Boss AgencyAriel from Boss Agency

Ariel is one of our newest here at Boss but don’t let that fool you as she is certainly an escort with plenty to offer her clients, with a wealth of experience that she can share with you. She is a young 22 years of age with each and every feature being a reflection of her youth, from a slim and toned figure to long brunette hair that covers her 34C breasts.

Ariel has a gorgeous exterior although that is not all she can offer, as she is just as gorgeous on the inside with a warm and welcoming attitude, all to ensure you have the best experience. Many of our clients who booked for the first time have commented on the relaxing time they shared together.


Carley from Boss AgencyCarley from Boss AgencyCarley from Boss Agency

Carley has plenty to offer, and many of our clients can see this as soon as she enters the room. She is a gorgeouss 21 year old and is one of the youngest here at our agency, she can bring youth and charm to an array of events which can make her the perfect companion for an elegant dinner date.

Many of our clients have noticed and warmed to her kind heart and attentive attitude. Although like always this is not the only reason for why she has made her way to the Top 3, as this escort has a figure to make your eyes widen and jaw drop, she has an athletic yet curvaceous figure with long pink blonde hair, that is long enough to cover her gorgeous 32D breasts.


Elena from Boss AgencyElena from Boss AgencyElena from Boss Agency

Elena is certainly a treat this evening and for many of our clients she ticks all the boxes, at the age of 28 she can become the best escort you have ever booked; Due to her experience over the years and of course her stern attitude towards making your night one you will never want to forget.

Not only is this sexy escort firm and strict but she also has a gorgeous balance of charm and care when it comes to making you smile. Many of our clients have commented on the outstanding experience they received when booking the gorgeous Elena.