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Planning For Unforgettable Boss Agency Experience

Posted Date: 15/08/2017, Posted by Admin

As the number one Manchester escort agency we have hundreds of clients enquiring about how to make sure their dates with a Manchester escort are the very best they can possibly be. Many people have misconceptions about the booking process and forget the most important factor. You need to plan in advanced. Here at Boss Agency, we offer a wide variety of different booking types because we have a vast clientele. Every booking type needs to be planned out to allow the date to flow. The escorts in Manchester want to experience an amazing date just as much as you.

When planning a date with one of the finest escorts Manchester has to offer you first have to decide what type of booking you are looking to experience. You will plan a dinner date completely different to a outcall massage booking. It is important that the type of booking is always part of your decision making process. In this article we are here to help you prepare for a few different types of dates we offer so you are 100% ready for one of the best nights of your life.

With every plan there are a few musts. No matter which date you are booking you should always be

  1. A Gentlemen
  2. Clean
  3. Dress to impress
  4. Smelling Good

These are the 4 factors that will always please the Manchester companion you are in the company of. To most people these factors are something they do in everyday life inside and outside of work but sadly in the past some people may not have got the memo.

Dinner Date

A Dinner date is always a popular booking type. With clients being able to become more acquainted with their date over a candle lit meal, the time with each other really allows the couple to learn more about what makes each other tick. With nerves being calmed and time being taken to listen to what each other expect from the date, it can really benefit how the night ends. This is why you want a dinner date to be as enjoyable as possible. So here is how to plan the perfect dinner date.

  • At Boss Agency we love hearing from our clients and when I comes to taking one of our young ladies to a restaurant we are more than happy to recommend the best places they have eaten at. Calling our friendly receptionists who know the girls really well is highly recommended as we are happy to answer any questions you have. Finding out your dates favourite food and if she has allergies is important. No body wants to take Manchester escort to an ice cream parlour when she is dairy intolerant.

  • Book a table at the restaurant in advance. Very popular restaurants fill their seats quickly and you don’t want to be left going to the local fish and chippy. Booking in advance can give you a time frame for your date and then you can plan a the rest of your night around your meal.

  • Depending on where you are going for a meal, maybe it is worth hiring a suit. Dressing to impress is always key as you are going to look a million times more attractive in a fitted black suit rather than in some ripped jeans and a top.

  • Spend within you means. Everyone in today’s society are looking to impress and some people do this by flashing the cash. With a dinner date you want to be the gentlemen and pay for the meal. However you don’t want to be left with egg on your face when you can’t afford the meal and have to try to split the bill. Take enough money with you, so you are capable of being a true gentlemen. If this means you don’t go to a Michelin star restaurant then so be it.

Outcall Booking

An outcall booking is where the Manchester companion you desire comes to your house or apartment. This is a completely different experience to having a dinner date with an escort and that is why you need to plan accordingly. You have more responsibility with an outcall booking because you are the host, but with this being the case you get to decided with in reason what happens behind closed doors. So for the night to end with a bang, follow these simply steps. Some as we discussed before will apply across all the dates but that is because they are essential to a successful date.

  • Have a clean apartment. If you have ever gone to a friends home and there is rubbish all over the place you know that it is really off putting. A smelly, dirty apartment is not the setting for a romantic night. As the host you want a clean apartment and you can even set the scene with scented candles and rose petals.

  • You want to offer a romantic gesture. Champagne on ice and maybe flowers on arrival are always a big wow factor. Champagne is a nice addition that can help you both relax and unwind and the effort you have made to make the date special shows you are a gentlemen. Stunning, classy ladies really appreciate this treatment and can lead to you finding yourself under the sheets faster than you could have imagined.

  • Dress as if you were going out. Everyone likes to relax in the comfort of their own home in joggers and a sweatshirt, but this isn’t really the attire to welcome a gorgeous lady into your home. You don’t have to wear a 3 piece suit, but a smart casual outfit where you combine a blazer with a pair of jeans will be perfect.

  • An obvious point but come prepared. Have condoms at you bed side table because nothing is more off putting than a guy who isn’t willing to be protected. It is dangerous and Boss Agency escorts has the right to refuse to stay in your company if this is the case.

Party Girls

Party Girls are escorts who come on nights out with you to party and club before going home on your arm. Considering Manchester is renown for the nightlife and there is plenty of clubs and bars to take a Manchester escort, a party girl is a very popular booking choice, I know what you are thinking, surely there isn’t much planning required to go party in Manchester with your companion but you would be wrong.

  • Plan which clubs you want to go to. Some clubs require you to have tickets or be on the guest list. These tickets cost money and usually you have to print the tickets to take with you. You don’t want to be embarrassed as you are turned away from a club because you either don’t have a ticket or have forgotten to bring your tickets.

  • Manchester nightclubs are known for having quite strict on door policies with quiet a few clubs having bouncers not letting people in after a certain time, for wearing trainers or for being in big groups. To avoid a bouncer taking a disliking to you should maybe go shopping beforehand to pick out the perfect outfit. You want a smart outfit but one which allows you to move freely on the dance floor. You also want to meet your party girl not too late in the night so you can go in more than just the one club and enjoy the whole of the Manchester nightlife.

  • A must is to be sober before meeting your party girl. You do not want to be falling all over the place, slurring your words or not fully appreciating the beauty that is stood in front of you. Being drunk before meeting your party girl may cure your nerves but it is rude and can be really off putting. Imagine how the party girls feel stood with a guy who is total out of it because she now has to babysit you instead of having a good night with you. It may also means she refuses to stay the night in your presence if you are completely intoxicated.

So this is how we recommend you plan for these three different date types. I hope you understand now how important it is to plan in advanced to get the very best out of the experience you share with a Boss Agency escort .