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Service With A Smile

Posted Date: 12/07/2018, Posted by Admin

Escorting is an industry with more and more people joining every year, the clientele is expanding and many of the negative stigma’s of the past attached to escorting has simmered down in recent decades.

This may be down to more and more people getting used to paying for services or simply because society is becoming more and more accepting of open relationships and consenting adults but we’re not here today to speculate why escorting is becoming increasingly more popular.

We’re here today to talk about what makes a great escort and why these women have such popular services. Maybe you’re already an escort in which case we’re pretty sure you’re already doing everything on this list.

If you’re an aspiring escort still contemplating whether this industry is for you, you may want to pay attention and if you’re a client, you’re about to learn just what it takes for those gorgeous elite escorts you book from Boss Agency, to stay looking so attractive. So without further ado, let’s get into what makes a good escort, starting with:


To be a good escort you have to not only wow your client physically, but also please his mentality and spirituality. It’s important to be fun and flirty and doesn’t be afraid to be forward with your client. Tell him how good he looks, stroke his ego and boost his personality. After all, some clients book escorts to experience this very feeling of being appreciated and complimented.


As an escort, you also have to be smart about how you approach your bookings and clients. Paying attention to your client will let you know much more about him then he will ever tell you. Some clients book escorts knowing exactly what they want from the booking, even down to who they want.

Other clients, however, need some guidance and aren’t really sure what to do or expect so it’s important you can read the difference and tailor your personality and character to suit your client. If he seems more timid and nervous you can take control or if he’s more dominant and assertive let him take control. Either way, you’re still catering to your client and ensuring he’s having the best experience possible.


Clients also have different fetishes so you have to understand that each booking is different, with a different man who has different preferences and maybe expecting different things.

You may have two bookings with two clients who have booked the same service but have completely different approaches and for them to execute there dream booking properly you have to make sure you know how to behave according to the ambiance of the booking and your client’s character.

Taking Care

Exercising, eating well and keeping yourself well groomed will ensure you always look like the elite knock-out you are and will keep clients coming back to you. Clients expect a level of trim and self-care to be a bit higher when it comes to escorts, so make sure to keep your nails pretty, your hair properly, your make-up set, your dresses tight and your heels high, and you’re clients are sure to be impressed.