07 September 2018

Take the Plunge!

When it comes to talking to beautiful women or just talking to people, in general, some of us lack the confidence or the knowledge to confidently just walk up to someone and start a conversation. Some people are better at this and can smoothly start and retain a conversation with pretty much anyone they want while the rest of us panic and feel like Eminem after his mum's spaghetti.

The reason many of us panic is because we have a fear of looking stupid or being ridiculed when we do speak so we choose to refrain from it all together. Also walking up to someone and just speaking to them is a lot easier in theory than it is in actual real life. In real life, it can be an incredibly nerve-wracking experience and get the best of us.

Escorts, such as our beautiful Manchester beauties can also be quite intimidating to speak to because, well, they're gorgeous. Beautiful women easily intimidate the best of us because we want nothing more than to impress them when we meet and it can be a daunting experience being in the presence of a stunningly beautiful woman.

Fear not though, we're here to help as we've come up with a short-list of good conversation starter topics for you to start with so you can easily break the ice with your stunning Manchester escort and proceed with the rest of your booking comfortably. So, without further ado let's get into some of the starter topics you could use to break the ice with your Manchester escort, starting with:


Movies are a great topic to start with because almost everyone loves watching movies and even for the people who aren't movie buffs it's quite likely there's a franchise or at least a film they really love and wouldn't mind talking about. Thanks to people streaming so much now and services such as Netflix more and more people are consuming the same content, and you might just find you share the same passions when it comes to what you watch.


Again, similar to movies. Music is the most consumed product in the world and almost everyone you meet has there own preferences in genre and artists they prefer to follow. You can bring up music as a conversation starter and find you both enjoy the same music, or even if you love completely different music you can introduce each other to your passions and even introduce songs you both like into your bookings. 

Take An Interest

Another good way to break the ice is simply by taking an interest in her day. Ask what she's done today or how she's feeling. Has she been busy or tired today? Did anything great or exciting happen? Taking an interest in her day will earn you a few points in her good books and also help settle her into the booking with you.

We hoped this list has been of some help to you, thank you for reading and, happy booking!