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Top 3 Girls In Alderley Edge

Posted Date: 31/07/2017, Posted by Admin

Here a Boss Agency we are always looking for ways to ensure we provide you with the best services in the North East. In this blog, we will be talking about the enchanting experiences you can have when booking with one of our escorts.

Many clients are looking for the very best when it comes to escorts, and In this blog we will be talking about the Top 3 Alderley edge escorts that are available here at Boss Agency, with reasons for why you will want to book an Alderley edge girl.

Our Top 3 Girls in Alderley Edge

Those of you living in Alderley edge will already know the elegance that flows through this town, and here at Boss Agency our escorts show the same elegance and class.

Berry Berry is a wonderful escort and many of you have come to realise this over the years. She is petite with a slim yet curvaceous figure, although this may be enough to excite you it isn’t all Berry has to offer. Her hair is a gorgeous blonde with a hint of blossom pink that is long enough to flow down and cover her amazing 32C breasts. Berry has made her way to the top 3 with her amazing figure and assets which our clients love, and she can quickly become the right choice when it comes to booking an escort.

Berry from Boss Agency
Berry from Boss Agency
 Berry from Boss Agency
  • Pink Blonde

  • Curvaceous

  • Petite

Chrissi Chrissi has an amazing outlook on life and is a very down earth girl, this alone can make sure you two can get alone and ensure a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Although she is not just an escort that can care for her clients, she is one with a figure like no other. She is slim with chiselled curves and a gorgeous head of golden curls. She has made her way to the top 3 due to her kind heart and attentive attitude, which can ensure you have a magical night to remember.

Chrissi from Boss Agency
Chrissi from Boss Agency
 Chrissi from Boss Agency
  • Blonde Curls

  • Slim/Toned Figure

  • Heart of Gold

Dexi Dexi finishes up on our top 3 escorts from the edge, and she is certainly an exciting girl to finish with. Dexi is a slim 22 year old with the energy to make you smile, although she isn’t just energetic and she is very intelligent and can become a perfect companions for a dinner date in such a elegant town. Not forgetting the amazing evening she can give you when at the hands of Dexi, many clients have booked just for a wild night with this gorgeous escort.

Chrissi from Boss Agency
Chrissi from Boss Agency
 Chrissi from Boss Agency
  • Brunette
  • Slim
  • Energetic

We hope that this blog has helped any new comers decide which escort is best for them, and for those who simply wanted to know more about the escorts at Boss Agency ( Make sure you keep up to date with the new girls coming in the future.