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I had a brilliant hour with Hannah. She is absolutely gorgeous and she has a wonderful
personality to match. Not to mention that fantastic body!! Hope to see you again soon hun x

Posted on 24/07/2020 By Augustya


Thank you for an amazing time Lydia you were amazing. I look forward to seeing you again
soon x

Posted on 25/07/2020 By Harishal


Brilliant time had with the gorgeous Claire. Her body is out of this world and her personality
is just as beautiful. Loved my hour with this babe and I can not wait to see her again soon

Posted on 26/07/2020 By Way Johnson


A fabulous action packed time spent in the attentive company of the beautiful Julia. Loved
every second and look forward to seeing her when I am next in Manchester xxx

Posted on 27/07/2020 By Vegan


A fabulous action packed time spent in the attentive company of the beautiful Julia.Loved every second and look forward to seeing her when I am next in Manchester xxx.

Posted on 26/07/2020 By Muke Willy


I adored spending time with anette. She’s smart, confident sexy woman who places no
pressure on you. Relax and every every extraordinary moment. Thank you Anette. Highly
recommend xx

Posted on 08/07/2020 By Yashvir


A lovely, sexy, gorgeous young lady who delivered an amazing time. Thank you

Posted on 01/07/2020 By Stevson


Jamala is an amazing and beautiful young lady. She is very passionate and sexy. It was a real
pleasure to meet her I had a truly great time. Thank you x

Posted on 08/07/2020 By Govid


A delightful meet with the gorgeous Kenya. A very sexy and sultry passionate lady who
knows how to entertain. Excellent hour. Highly recommend x

Posted on 07/07/2020 By Jeniff


Absolutely fantastic time with a genuinely lovely lady. Venus is absolutely stunning and the
services she provided are amazing. Great time had with a really lovely lady. Look forward to
the repeat xxx

Posted on 06/07/2020 By Edinson


Absolutely amazing. Had an amazing time and will definitely be seeing shantay again soon x

Posted on 05/07/2020 By Samdeep


A fantastic sexy lovely lady and had a very enjoyable time. This lady knows exactly what she
is doing and I really enjoyed my time with her. Looking forward to next time already

Posted on 04/07/2020 By Siddle


Had a wonderful time with this lovely lady. Absolutely stunning and her body is fantastic.
Very skilled and knows exactly what she is doing. Had a fabulous hour. Thanks Fantasia xxx

Posted on 03/07/2020 By Antrick


Taylor is absolutely gorgeous. Stunning young lady with a body to die for. She knows how to
use it! Highly recommend x

Posted on 02/07/2020 By Gordon


Had a lovely time with the beautiful Julia. She is very polite and understand. Absolutely
amazing at what she does as well. Loved every second and looking forward to next time x

Posted on 01/07/2020 By Lara


Bruna is such a lovely, sweet and witty young lady. Really enjoyed her company. She makes you feel very welcomed. Certainly warmed me up in this cold weather xx

Posted on 23/06/2020 By D Flin


Absolutely mind blowing!

Posted on 19/06/2020 By Jesse


Had an amazing time with bree. She really makes you feel comfortable and the experience was even better!

Posted on 15/06/2020 By Weepu


We had a great time. One of my best experiences. Elizabeth is amazing and a really genuine girl with a brilliant attitude and even better service! Just what I needed. Thanks babe xxx

Posted on 15/06/2020 By Luke Watson


A very sexy lady with a beautiful physique. I had a great time with Ariel both in and out of the bedroom. I recommend a visit

Posted on 19/06/2020 By Richie


Lovely time with an elegant and generous lady xx

Posted on 10/06/2020 By Laurison


Excellent time with a wonderful lady. She is such a warm and passionate woman with a great body and keen to make sure we had a great time. Look forward to seeing Antonia again soon! Highly recommended x

Posted on 23/06/2020 By C Horne


Phenomenal time with a gorgeous young lady. Highly recommended. Thank you chrissi xxx

Posted on 17/06/2020 By Stemen


Wow just what I needed after a long day in the office brilliant girl who knows how to please Anna made me feel very relaxed and I left fully satisfied great time with a great girl. Until next time Anna xxx

Posted on 21/06/2020 By B Tapan


Perfect in every way, intelligent, super hot and extremely sexy! I would love to visit again. Thank you Lana xxx

Posted on 20/06/2020 By Jacob


Amazing! This woman has got it all! Counting down the days till I see her again!

Posted on 18/06/2020 By Antoni


Don’t remember having such a great fun for a long time. Daniella is a lovely, warm and intelligent lady. I truly enjoyed a very relaxing session with her. Beautiful girl and amazing service. Can’t recommend enough x

Posted on 18/06/2020 By Katich


Wow what a lady, beautiful and fun to be with. She looked absolutely gorgeous – stunning, a real princess. I’ll be back for more fun soon! Thanks carmen take care x

Posted on 16/06/2020 By G Kirwan


Lovely sexy morning girlfriend experience with a very friendly lady with the the best body I have ever seen. I had a really good time and would happily return! Thanks anglina. Would definitely highly recommend this babe

Posted on 13/06/2020 By Kelter


A very beautiful and sexy lady. Great fun in and out of the bedroom! Really enjoyed my time with amber, she sure knows how to please! I will be back!

Posted on 10/06/2020 By Simon
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