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The Bucket Gift

Posted Date: 30/07/2018, Posted by Admin

Escorts provide a wonderful service for people looking for those services and we should be polite about how we appreciate this. After all, we tip our waiters and tip anyone else who provides a service for us so why should escorts be any different.

Although clients do tend to tip escorts many clients take it a step further and gift them with various items to show their appreciation. Today we thought it would be fun to go through some of the more popular gifts that escorts receive from clients.

Now in this list, we’re going to talk about what are both popular gifts and hopefully give you some ideas on what great gifts you could give to your gorgeous Manchester escort.

So without further ado and In no particular order lets begin with:

Scented Candles

Scented candles are a wonderful gift for pretty much anyone. People love receiving candles and they’re both incredibly practical and can be used to heighten an atmosphere. Candles can be used for romantic ambience or simply for softer lighting so a candle is always a good gift. Some people don’t even burn candles and keep them purely for decoration purposes. Candles come in a range of sizes, shapes, smells, prices and colour so pretty much any candle you want for your price range is available to purchase.


Chocolates are another popular one and let’s be fair, who doesn’t love receiving chocolate? Chocolate is a popular gift all year round and it’s very easy to find chocolate gift boxes or even get custom made chocolate gifts. Chocolate stores such as Thorntons provide huge slabs of chocolate which can be personalised with any message you want. This would be a perfect, and delicious gift for your escort without breaking your bank balance.


If you wish to shell out a little more cash you can always get her some perfume. No woman would ever be disappointed with a brand new bottle of perfume and stores such as the appropriately named ‘Perfume Store’ have friendly members of staff who will talk you through all the latest fragrances and discuss price and smell with you. You can even sample the smells and choose to purchase them in a bow-wrapped gift box. Perfect.


Clients love seeing their Manchester escorts dressed up and our ladies love to dress to impress. So a perfect gift for our girls is clothes or lingerie. Lingerie is a popular gift from clients and if you’re lucky she may even wear what you’ve bought for her.


Shoes are another popular gift. Of course all escorts and women, in general, can never have too many shoes. We’ve all heard that plenty of times and shoes are always a great gift idea. She can wear her new pair of stilettos with you or even on her other bookings making her decision to choose an outfit for each booking a lot easier.

Thank you for reading our blog and happy booking!