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Why Use A Stage Name?

Posted Date: 24/06/2018, Posted by Admin

Safety first is something that we all hear from being a child, and something that we echo to the next generation too. As humans, naturally we are somewhat guarded, especially when it comes to meeting strangers, not because we’re trying to be rude, or hostile, but to protect ourselves. You can open yourself up to strangers, be social and friendly, you can still remain guarded if you’re not 100% sure about the interaction. If you’re an escort, this mentality is something that is quite constant, as this profession requires you to physically interact with people. Some people are complete strangers and some may be regular clients. Sometimes, you could be meeting several different strangers in one day, and this can definitely be quite intimidating at first. It’s important to know that even though the aim is to be confident and enjoy yourself.

Identity Protection

Identity protection is important for many escorts, for various different reasons. For some escorts, protecting their identity within the escorting industry is like juggling two lives, but is necessary for them for personal reasons, therefore it’s something to be mentally prepared for so that you are able to safely meet clients, and also have fun.

We’ll start off by pointing out some issues that may arise if you don’t protect your identity, and then offer some ways in which escorts choose to protect their identity. Of course, the key thing in all of this is that identity protection is necessary for your own safety. For example, you’ve had a date with a new client who you’ve not met before, and it hasn’t been the best booking that you’ve had as an escort because you didn’t really get on with this individual. The last thing you want is for a client who you’ve not had the best interactions with, to find out your personal information. At this point, you don’t really know what you’re dealing with, what this person’s intentions are, and what they’re thinking to do with your personal information.

For some escorts, an unpleasant client having obtained such personal information could put them at risk of jeopardising a lot in their own personal lives. A lot of escorts choose to keep their work life private from their close ones such as relatives, co-workers or peers. Some escorts come from families where this type of profession isn’t commended in any fashion, so to avoid judgement or any confrontation, they conceal their profession. In some cases too, escorts have long-term relationships outside of their work and haven’t revealed this to their other half. Escorts loved ones finding out prematurely, especially if it’s not from the escort themselves, could possibly cause long-term issues with existing relationships.

Escorting isn’t always something that is someone’s full-time job, as many escorts have other professions as well as this. Whether it’s casual work or running a business, and maybe their colleagues don’t know about the fact that they’re also an escort. If an escort has chosen to keep this private, and they find out this information it could put your work at risk if they aren’t so understanding, and may also make things quite awkward for you at work.


Another danger that could arise from not protecting your identity, is having brush-ins

with the wrong clients. Your personal information may be passed on to other people, or the client who obtained your information in the first place and they may try and stalk you. If they have your driving license, for example, this reads your real name (which some escorts choose to also hide, and use stage names), and your home address which of course if a stranger knows can put you at risk. Blackmail is also another danger, as your information may be used against you for the client to gain something, and to keep you in a vulnerable position of your profession being exposed.

As unpleasant as that all sounds, there are ways in which escorts have tackled this and are able to be an escort comfortably, whilst also balancing a separate personal life. When going on dates with a client, or even just going to their home, be sure not to carry your personal ID with you. It’s very easy to misplace things or leave things lying around and you may not get so lucky with someone finding it who’d just return it to you, there is always a chance it can get into the wrong hands and if we can avoid this, we should. Another way in which escorts protect their identity is by blurring out their face in images of them that are used for advertising in order for clients to see what they look like, and make a booking. How are clients meant to book me, if they don’t know what I look like? That’s rarely a problem, with such a vast catalogue of clients, many of them have certain preferences and may be specifically looking for a certain body type only, meaning if your face is blurred out you can still get bookings.

Of course, as we always say be sure to have fun, but remember to also keep yourself out of harm’s way. Being tactful can save you from getting into situations that may frighten you, or put you in harm’s way, and just being that extra bit careful can make your experience with escorting, a lot more comfortable and less daunting. Have fun, and be safe. Thanks for reading!