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A Blast From The Past With Boss Agency Escorts

Posted Date: 04/08/2017, Posted by Admin

At the end of each week many of us look forward to ensuring a wild and money fuelled night with our friends in some of Manchester’s greatest attractions. Here at Boss Agency we encourage these dates and can recommend a night out that many of you will enjoy.

Those who live the party life in Manchester, you will know all about the bars and clubs that Manchester has to offer, although many of you may have missed this gem of a club that can ensure an evening you will never want to forget, and can leave you craving a blast from the past.

Ultimate Power Logo

Ultimate Power Located in the Manchester Ritz, Ultimate Power is a clubbing experience like no other, as this is a club that can send you right back to the 80’s where many of the best songs were created. Here you can really feel a blast from the past in this, none house, singsong club.

With many customers over the years commenting on the quality of fun they had when visiting Ultimate Power. It is simply an evening of the greatest songs ever written and can quickly become a night you and your escort will never want to forget. Many of our Manchester escorts at Boss Agency love to have a wild and party fuelled night, and this can easily be a perfect place for you and your escort to break the ice.

You can see the kind of experience you can share when looking at some of the events reviews:

  • “A club night like no other – the ultimate communal karaoke” – Time Out
  • “A wildly successful club night” – Telegraph
  • “Less a club night…more a religious happening” – The Guardian

Why take an escort?

You may not think it, although our escorts enjoy spending time to get to know their clients and can be excited to attend almost any venue with them, and with this being such a unique and charming club you will find yourself in their for hours.

We hope that this is a great recommendation for you to ensure you have the chance of creating the perfect date for you and your escort. If you would like more information or recommendations then keep up to date with our blogs where you will find more on creating a perfect evening with a Boss Agency escort.