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Meeting Our Escorts In Manchester

Posted Date: 24/03/2017, Posted by Admin

When meeting escorts in Manchester there’s always plenty on offer and it’s sometimes difficult to decide what to do other than the typical dinner-date, hotel or outcall booking. Here we have a few suggestions of what’s coming up in Manchester over the next couple of months to help aid you in your search for activities and events to occupy you during your stay in Greater Manchester.

Events suitable for Manchester Escorts this March 2017!

Chester Zoo: Bloom 2017 Exhibition

Chester Zoo, Moston Road, Upton, Chester, Cheshire, CH21EU

1st January 2017 – 31st March 2017

If you’re in Manchester and an animal lover or naturist, make sure to visit the 2017 ‘Bloom’ exhibition which allows visitors to view a display of over 20,000 animals from a selection of 500 different species. Here you and your Manchester companions will learn about some of the most fascinating creatures, their habitats and how we can work to protect them. Visitors are welcomed to meet experts in the field and engage with local wildlife, truly an eye-opening exhibition and most definitely worth the visit, with, or without a Manchester escort.

John Hyatt Presents Rock Art

First Street, Manchester, M1 5NH

4 Feb 2017 – 29 March 2017

John Hyatt invites visitors to visit his new highly-creative exhibition in Manchester which combines influences from post-death, metamorphosis and magic. Allow him to challange your preconceptions of the life around you and open up your understanding, let him take you on a journey of self-exploration and witness life as you never saw it before.

John Hyatt was an artist and musician in the 1980’s post-punk band, The Three Johns. Throughout this exhibition visitors will also be welcomed to view his comic book collection and even enjoy a special blend of tea, created to resemble John. A very exciting, eye-opening and different exhibition, make sure to visit before 29th March 2017.

Afterlife: French and Mottershead

The Whitworth Art Gallery, Oxford Road, Manchester, Lancashire, M15 6ER

15th March 2017 – 25th March 2017

Have you ever witnessed digital art? French and Mottershead in their latest exhibition – Afterlife, invite visitors to explore the idea of decomposition after death. Whilst you may expect this to be very dark, it is honestly a very creative and artistic take on this sensitive topic and most definitely worth checking out.

Daniel Hellmann: Traumboy

Contact, Oxford Road, Manchester, M15 6JA

15th March 2017

In this performance Daniell Hellmann, a sex-worker, invites the audience to listen to his stories about his life as a prostitute. In this real, touching and sometimes comedic performance, the audience can expect to be informed about the sex industry and will begin to ask questions about “the double standards of our capitalistic and hypersexualized society.” This performance is honestly very eye-opening and you will be astonished by the stories that follow.

Sick Festival: Week 1

Around Greater Manchester

8th March – 12th March 2017

Sick Festival is your chance to view some of the most interesting, stimulating and controversial topics in the heart of Manchester. Issues such as identity, sex, mental illness and race will be tackled and visitors can expect this wide range of performances to be nothing less than outstanding. Choose the event that tickles your fancy and take an escort in Manchester to experience an outstanding evening.

If you’re looking for any recommendations for places to eat after any of these great venues feel free to check out the many blogs covering our favourite restaurants in Manchester.

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