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Role-Play, Role-Slay

Posted Date: 23/09/2018, Posted by Admin

When it comes to role-playing people today are into it more than ever with ‘costume players’ recreating there favorite fictional characters all the time. This isn’t just for comic-con nerds or movie buffs, however. People have adopted the art of role-playing into the bedroom and many people have different fantasies, fetishes and preferences when it comes to the roles they fantasise about.

Today we thought we could go through a list of classic role-playing costumes you can introduce to your clients as a service you can charge for separately. Whether it’s uniforms or work attire people have common fantasies that you can cater to and today we’re going through our short-list of the most classic costumes in the bedroom and the ones we’ve chosen are relatively easy to find due to their popularity.

Getting Cuffed

The police uniform is one of the most classic role-playing costumes and it usually comes in either a blue or black colour. Heavy on the props this costume comes with a badge, hat, sometimes a police stick and handcuffs which can be incredibly useful in the bedroom. Just make sure you remember where you left the keys. This costume comes in various designs from realistic police looking uniforms too skimpy police inspired bedroom outfits.

Just Beat It

Another classic costume is the naughty nurse. This arguably is the most common costume fantasy and probably the most popular. People have fantasized about having a sexy nurse in their presence for decades and the fantasy today is just as alive as it ever was. Nurse costumes vary and typically come in either blue, white or red.

The costumes also range from very realistic hospital uniforms to sexy inspired nurse outfits clearly for the bedroom. The role you can take on here is that of either a naughty nurse who is too attentive or a naughty patient who is too handsy.

Maid to Love

Another classic from Europe here is the French maid. Now, the French maid has had ‘sexy’ connotations for so long it’s hard to imagine anyone actually wearing the french maid costume as a genuine cleaning, work uniform. The outfit has been sexualised plenty and the fantasy of having a naughty maid who wants to dust more than the shelves has been a fantasy for many men for decades.

The roles to take on here are that of a naughty maid who is more than eager to please her employer. You could even have the scenario be an employer who won’t pay until he gets all the services he wants.

The different scenarios you can adopt with role-playing is part of the reason it is such a popular fantasy to carry out in the bedroom as just with the nurse and the police officer, it’s possible to change roles and have as much fun as possible.

So, we hope this short-list has given you a few ideas of role-playing scenarios you can introduce to your services and hopefully increase your repeat clientele and revenue streams.

Thank you for reading, and happy escorting!