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The 5 Different Types of Clients

Posted Date: 10/09/2018, Posted by Admin

The industry of escorting and providing adult companionship is a vibrant, buzzing and thrilling profession to be a part of. You get to visit tons of exciting locations, meet people of all sorts of different walks of life, indulge in mouth-watering worldwide cuisines and soak in the culture of wherever their client takes them.

At Boss Agency, we have a very exclusive clientele, both new faces and regular clients who have always been more than pleased with our services; they keep r coming back for more! If you’re looking into becoming an escort, you may be curious about the types of clients that you may encounter. Well, today, we’re going to give you a list of 5 different kinds of clients that escorts encounter on a day-to-day basis, either good or bad:

Easily Bored

As we said before, sometimes we have new faces and sometimes we have regulars. Some of our regulars return to the same escorts that they’ve been seeing for a while for companionship as they may have built up a strong rapport with them, or are particularly fond of them and their level of quality in their services. However, some clients that we get prefer to switch it up constantly, flitting between different escorts, whether this is a different escort daily, weekly, or monthly. These types of clients may gain more from spending time with a whole different bunch of women rather than getting any type of attachment and may find it more exciting meeting a new woman every other occasion.


Due to the intimacy of this type of experience, you’ll come across many clients who are super shy, whether they’re experienced with women or not. Because of how professional escorts are however, they take extra care with these clients to make sure that they are more than comfortable before the services can fully be kicked into gear. This client may find it difficult to open up so it’s important that you take things at their pace, and consult with them what they want from the service to avoid any misunderstandings. A lot of our shy client’s book escorts in order to help them out with their nerves and to help them become more practised and confident with women.

Comfort Zone

Some clients are completely content with just spending time with the one escort. We have a vast range of beautiful and experienced escorts to choose from when it comes to arranging companionship, however, a lot of clients are happy and comfortable with the one escort that they may have already established a good professional companionship with, and would rather keep seeing this escort than meet other women. Most of the time when we have clients like this, it’s because they are after more authentic companionship services, such as The Girlfriend Experience, where the escort is required to cater to the client on a more intimate level.


Like we mentioned, this list would have both good or bad and we’ve got to the bad. As an escort, it’s within your right to turn down clients whom you don’t want to see and who treat you with disrespect, such as these clients. You may come across some gents who aren’t so noble and may be rude and aggressive towards you, which you are welcome to wave goodbye to and refuse to provide companionship for. Aint nobody got time for that!


This type of client is the most rewarding for a lot of escorts to receive, as this is the type of client a lot of escorts have the best experience with. A romantic client will put in the maximum effort, even though it is you providing the service. They tend to show gratitude for your services by buying gifts, showering you with compliments and doing his best to make every date feel magical, and to make you feel like the beauty you are!

Every type of client will give you a different experience, and of course, as a client, it’s important too to be kind towards your escort, and try and be one of the nicer types of clients! Thanks for reading, and have fun enjoying thrilling, and bespoke companionship with Boss Agency!