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Three As A Bird

Posted Date: 22/07/2018, Posted by Admin

Fantasies and fetishes are something all of us have. We all have different fetishes and preferences that turn us on and for many of us, we seem to share a similar fantasy.

One of the top 3 fantasies in the world for all males is to have a threesome with two women. Experiencing two women at the same time is an old fantasy for many men and escorts and agencies provide exactly the right service to make sure these dreams come true.

With Boss Agency, for example, we have some of the most beautiful women in the world waiting to be booked together for a threesome with an awesome client.

Many clients choose to some to escorts to experiencing this incredible fantasy because they may not be able to get their partners to participate or may find it hard to even try to seduce two women into having a threesome.

This is where escorts come in handy as you can choose exactly the type of women you want to experience a threesome with. Many men find it difficult to express this fantasy to their partners or girlfriends because of fear of being ridiculed and damaging a relationship. With escorts, however, you get to choose the women you desire with no further responsibilities or commitments.

So what’s so great about threesomes, and why do so many men fantasise about this?

Woman or Women

A Beautiful woman is a desire of many of us. Seriously who doesn’t want a stunning woman giving them her complete attention? Well, the only thing better is two women. A woman, as great as she might be in the bedroom can only do so much and if you have a fantasy to be pleased in more than one area simultaneously then two women are the best way to achieve this.

Professional & Willing

If you’ve never had a threesome before then naturally you want the booking to be as great as every fantasy you’ve ever had about a threesome and the last thing you want is to have a terrible experience with one of the top fantasies in the world. Escorts are professionals and very good at their jobs so you can be sure that if you book two gorgeous Manchester escorts for a threesome, that they’re both going to satisfy you and give you the booking of a lifetime.

Variety Is The Spice

One of the brilliant aspects about booking a threesome with some boss Manchester escorts is that you get to experience more than one type of woman and not only do you get to experience this but you also get to choose the exact women who are part of your threesome and choose exactly who you want.

Similar & Contrast

When it comes to booking a threesome you will either be booking a similar or a contrasting style booking. The similar is where both women involved are roughly the same type. For example from Boss Agency, you may want to choose our duo, Kylie & Anna. Two gorgeous petite blonde’s who are sure to give you a great time.

The contrast as you might have guessed is when both girls are different such as a busty blonde and a petite brunette for example. From Boss Agency you may want to book our bomb-shells Claudia and Bree for a threesome you’ll never forget.

Thank you for reading and happy booking!