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5 Ways Escorting Gives You Your Freedom

Posted Date: 20/08/2018, Posted by Admin

When considering how to get into escorting, there are obviously many social taboos that exist to discourage you and it would be lying to say that your life is going to be exactly like that show with Billie Piper. But, of course, there are some great freedoms that come with the job. While there’s no guarantee of glamour all the time, you might get to meet people from across the world and there’s bound to be no end of new experiences to be had.

1. Serial dating

Dating is fun. No matter who you’re with, there’s almost always some fun to be had on a date. If you’re being paid to be out in bars and restaurants with men who have picked you out of a line-up, you’ll have their undivided attention – or be giving them yours. No matter what the exchange they expect, you’ll still be getting out on all nights of the week. Beats a 9-5 with no time to do anything in the evenings!

2. Money

Everybody knows that when you get into escorting, the pay isn’t half bad. You’re getting paid to give men an experience just for the night (and most times you get dinner too). While your friends could be slaving away in their regular jobs, you could be making miles more and have the days all to yourself. You’ll most likely have to put in the work to earn a good wage, but your financial freedom will be a great pay-off. Escorting is not like working your way up in a Times 100 company, play your cards right and the money comes quick. While it’s a good idea to save responsibly, having accessible funds does make life easier.

3. Playing a character

Most escorts won’t use their real names, they won’t work around where they live. This can all be very thrilling. As an escort, you’ll have the freedom to decide what your personality is going to be like on any given date with any given client. The men who book you will be looking for the same kind of thing, so you even have the chance to build a little world of your own together. Whether you’re at a glamorous party or a high-end restaurant, nobody will know who you are, and you’ll feel like you can get away with anything.

4. Experiencing New Things

You may have tried all the bars around your area, you may have sat through countless dead-end dates with men you weren’t interested in. With escorting, you could be taken to new places, seeing the same places through different eyes, acting as an enchanting tour guide for someone new, or partying with a different group of people every night. The range of people you’ll meet in the escorting line of work is definitely one of the key selling points of the job. 5. Flexibility

People want dates at all times. If they’re only there for the day, they might book you at lunchtime, they would want to see you for an hour at dinner, you could be asked to spend the night wherever your client is going. Whatever their plans, you get to decide your schedule. If you’re not free, you don’t have to take the booking. You can take your holidays whenever you like and you’ll be free to decide all for yourself.

Beginning a career in escorting is daunting, there are lots of serious things to consider to keep yourself safe and make sure your business is lucrative, but there aren’t many jobs like it and new experiences are all but guaranteed.