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The Most Common Escort Services | News

Posted Date: 05/09/2018, Posted by Admin

People hire escorts for a number of reasons. All kinds of people from different backgrounds and different social statuses will hire escorts for many different reasons and for different functions. When it comes to escort services some are more common than others, some are rare and some are speciality services offered by select escorts.

These services will include fetishes such as BDSM or something as niche. Many escorts provide a range of services you can book them for but not all escorts provide all services.

Today we thought we could talk about the common services escorts offer but keep in mind, this isn’t to say al escorts definitively provide these services. Most times the services each escort will happily provide will be listed on their profiles.

For example, if you look through our catalogue on Boss agency you will notice our gorgeous Manchester escorts services listed but if you’re looking for anything that’s not listed the easiest way to find out if your escort provides this service is simply to call up and talk to our friendly members of staff and they’ll do their best to make sure you’re booking is everything you want it to be.

So, without further ado let’s get into some of the common escort services clients request and possibly why? In no particular order let’s start with

Body Massage

Body massage is one of the services offered by escorts which is commonly requested. Many clients book escorts after a difficult week or working, training and just generally balancing life and they want nothing more at the end of the week than to spend some time with one of Manchester’s most beautiful and Elite escorts and get a lovely rub down. Most escorts are well trained in the art of massage since it’s something many clients request.


Some people, look for the general company because they may feel like they’re too busy to actually meet someone to casually and regularly spend time with so it’s easier for busy men to hire someone to spend time with.

The best thing about hiring escorts to spend time with is not only can you choose exactly the woman you want. So depending on your mood you can book a busty blonde or book a magnificent mature.

Either way, you can find the gorgeous beauty you’re looking for on Boss Agency and if a rub down is what you need we got the girls to provide that service. Also with booking an escort, you have no responsibilities afterwards.

Once the booking is over you both go your own ways. Now, the company can be a massage or even a dinner date, or a simple walk through the park, many people book escorts simply to spend time and converse with a beautiful woman.

The Girlfriend Experience

The girlfriend experience is possibly the most common of escort services which are purchased and is essentially a romantic meeting between you and your desired escort. Many clients book the girlfriend experience who may feel like they’re too busy to court a woman and even maintain a relationship.

It’s easier for them to book a gorgeous Manchester escort from Boss agency and before they know it, they could be with a model giving her undivided attention to them, or you.

Simply pick up the phone and call 07949471098 our helpful members of staff and let us guide you to the woman of your fantasies for the booking of your dreams.